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Cracker Cards

Cracker Cards - Kapow! Comic Cracker Card


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Celebrate with a bang with this 'Kapow' comic cracker card from Cracker Cards it really packs a punch!

Perfect for Birthdays, and inspired by the fun and dynamism of comics, the card is embedded with a cracker snap, and goes 'Bang' when pulled open!

Each card comes with a joke, a paper superhero mask, and has slots to hold a gift voucher if desired; providing an innovative gift experience not provided with conventional greetings cards.

Also provided in the pack is a bright yellow envelope, an instruction guide and an envelope sticker saying 'Pull me!'

The card is printed on an uncoated board to recreate the texture of comic books, with gloss varnish details.

On your birthday
Wishing you a day full of action

The message inside reads:
Celebrate with a bang!

Cracker Cards

12 x 17.2cm

In stock

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