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Di Palomo - White Grape with Aloe - Travel Essentials Gift Bag


Product ref: 37066
This White Grape with Aloe Travel Essentials Gift Bag from Di Palomo contains the following:

Conditioning Shampoo 25ml
A mild conditioning shampoo for all hair types.

Body Wash 25ml
A rich, luxuriant bath & shower cream 25ml formulated using the finest ingredients. Contains Grape and Aloe extracts, which are known for their toning and soothing properties.

Hand & Body Lotion 25ml
A rich, indulgent hand & body lotion 25ml blended with Grape & Aloe extracts which are known for their toning & moisturising properties. Apply all over the body, after a bath or shower to leave your skin smooth & nourished.

Hand & Nail Cream 25ml
An enriching and luxurious Hand and Nail Cream 25ml containing Grape & Aloe Extracts. Also rich in Olive & Grapeseed Oils to leave your hands soft, smooth and nourished.

Cleansing Bar 50g
Hand made vegetable soap 50g contains extracts of White Grape and Aloe, known for their toning & soothing properties. Natural moisturisers such as Shea Butter are added to make this a truly luxurious cleansing bar.

Natural Bamboo Fibre Face Cloth
This luxurious natural bamboo fibre face cloth is soft to touch, very absorbant and quick to dry. Its natural antibacterial qualities help keep it fresh and odour free.

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