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Klutz - Cootie Catcher Book


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Klutz takes the fortune teller to a higher level with The Cootie Catcher Book. With 25 pre-printed punch-out-and-fold cootie catchers, we’ve got it all covered. Were you born to wear a tiara, or are you destined to sport athletic gear? Will you star in a movie opposite your crush, or win an award for Most Amazing Movie Star Hairdo? Answers to all these burning questions are just a couple folds away. Easy-to-follow instructions make constructing cooties catchers simple. Cool illustrations and fabulously funny fortunes plus special extras like stickers, glow-in-the-dark paper, and a sparkling cover make this book a real catch.

Comes With:
25 pre-printed punch-out-and-fold cootie catchers, stickers

For ages 6 and up

Written By:
The editors of Klutz

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