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Klutz - Paper Stained Glass


Product ref: 18385
Introducing Paper Stained Glass, creative colour-by-numbers so cool you hang them in the window. Our 20 colouring designs are printed on see-through vellum - with no numbers. Instead, each design is bound between two different number-coded colour schemes. Flip the design over the colour scheme you like better (the numbers will show through the vellum) and get colouring. Or ignore the codes altogether (we call that "colour by your numbers"). To complete the package, we threw in 12 number-coded, double-pointed markers.

Comes With:
12 double-nibbed felt markers, 20 pieces of stained glass art, 2 suction cups, 2 frames and a framing strip

For ages 8 and up

Written By:
Barbara Kane

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