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Sophie Allport - Door Stop - Chickens


Product ref: 55383
This quirky Chicken Door Stop from Sophie Allport will stop your doors banging in style! It's both decorative and practical and will liven up any room.

Made from Sophie Allport's popular Chicken fabric, it features Speckled Maran hens and some white eggs on a sage grey background. The tail and cockscomb are made from leather.

The door stop is approximately 38.5cm (from beak to tail!) x 30cm (height) and weighs 1.5kg so is strong enough to hold your heaviest doors open. It is filled with small marble and alabaster chippings that are a bi-product of the stone industry. The softer filler used is a bi-product of the clothing and fabric industry - predominately cotton but can also contain polyesters and wool.

38.5 x 30cm

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