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Wildlife World - Ladybird Attractor Food


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This attractant mix can be smeared on the entrances of ladybird habitats to attract and encourage ladybirds.

Ladybirds are beneficial garden predators and eat a wide variety of pest species like aphids, scale insects, mealy bugs etc. By increasing the number of ladybirds in your garden, you are able to reduce the amount of chemicals used, as the ladybirds will control these pests in a natural and environmentally friendly way.

It is estimated that one ladybird may eat over 4000 aphids in its life! This mixture is best used with an insect/predator box during autumn to spring in a sheltered location close to tree branches or general vegetation.

Mix a little food with a drop of water in a small dish to form a paste. Smear the paste on the predator box feed area/holes or surfaces.

Food sachets should be kept cool and dry and unopened will last for up to 4 months.

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